What I Gone And Done Did

Party Wisdom

by jen on February 2, 2014

Last night I went to a 40th birthday party for Carlos, my best college girlfriend Ursula’s  brother. It was a lovely family affair in Santa Cruz at their parents’ house, with kids running around, a street race by the parents (well, the dads) on kids toys, some IPA and whiskey tasting and general fun. At […]


Big Spender

by jen on March 19, 2013

Dip-dyed marshmallows I made for my book club (book was Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth (enh)) I have a new job! It is absolutely awesome, pretty much 9-5, is really only lawyer-adjacent which means a lot of the things I did not particularly enjoy about being an attorney I no longer concern myself with (the BEST: I no longer […]


My poor/fun attempt at feather nails inspired by Coral and Tusk! 1. It is really odd to me that every time I have done volunteer work, I have gotten stuck at some point partnering with a person who complains about what they are having to do. Is this your experience? Making PBJs for the homeless […]


Drunk Girls

by jen on April 21, 2010

This title (track 2 on LCD Soundsystem’s new totallyfreakingawesome album) is perhaps a little too descriptive for my now-exhausted body’s feeling on how Coachella 2010 went, but it was an absolutely amazing weekend: 1. My email didn’t work! THANK YOU, 70,000 hipsters a day tweeting, texting and updating your Facebook statuses (statii?)! I couldn’t try […]


I generally coexist with the animals in my apartment. Cats? Aside from the general mass of poop they produce, sweet! Spiders? I may occasionally sweep aside a web once it is the size of my head but other than that, have at it! Ants? I have tried to let them have their limited space for […]



by jen on April 12, 2009

Refrigerator door, dissected, totally unrelated to post and I think you have to click on the photo to get the dissection, meh, TECHNOLOGY. Today Suganya I went for a hike in Runyan Canyon, a hike I thought would be only an easy 40 minutes but turned out to be an hour and 40 and some […]

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Sunday Morning Creeping In

by jen on March 1, 2009

Fred & Ethel’s bottomless bellies have made it impossible to stay in bed past 6:30, even on the weekends. They wake me up at 5:45 every morning, my wake-up time for my earliest pilates class, no matter what class I’m taking or whether I’m even taking one and no matter what time I went to […]

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Apparently, I am a “Runner” Now.

by jen on October 20, 2008

Camp Pendelton 2008 10K Mud Run, me (in blue) after the last mud pit. THAT I HAD TO CRAWL THROUGH UNDERNEATH LOW-HANGING FLAGS. (p.s. Marines, I saw you slapping many a lady’s heinie as we hauled ourselves out of the trenches, why not mine? I would have feigned offense but now I am actually offended. […]


Shake a Leg, G.I. Jen

by jen on August 13, 2008

I have acquiesced to many, many stupid requests under the influence of alcohol, including requests to: 1. Make out with a boy I didn’t particularly like. 2. Give my 200-lb friend a piggyback (his loss, really; my knees were skinned, his ankle was sprained for 3 weeks). 3. “Pull my finger.” I believe I have […]


So Tired, Yet I Continue Originally uploaded by j:sto Variety? The spice of life, right? So I decided to try to try something unprecedented for this Summer of 2008 and STAY IN. All weekend long. I do not want this summer to become known to me as the one where a wine glass was permanently […]