Admiring the Scenery

by jen on February 18, 2010

Have you ever watched someone you love set himself up for complete and total failure out of some obfuscated need and you just go with it and try to make it less painful for all? That was this trip to Joshua Tree: set out upon THREE HOURS later than necessary to make it to the […]


Things I Don’t Know.

by jen on January 22, 2010

1. I am not sure whether I think Heidi’s new haircut is fresh and girl-next-door or boring and Mom. I cannot decide. BUT either way, I am super happy Project Runway is back in New York! I just couldn’t buy Mood in… Culver City. And I live here! (Although I never go to Culver City. […]


My mother told me this Christmas that she had always thought it was bad luck to take down your Christmas tree after New Year’s Eve because that had been what her mother told her for years — which, as Grandma Crystal later admitted, was a bold-faced lie primarily designed to incite her daughter to help […]


Built for Comfort, Not Speed

by jen on November 30, 2009

What do you write after not writing for so long? 1. I went to Tuscany for a week in October. Best week I’ve had in the last 3 years. Pictures are here. I hope my traveling companions will be my friends for life, the kind of people who make jokes like, “That’s CapRAZY!” Like you’re […]


So I tweeted the other day about people (people RAISED IN A BARN) who leave unused time on the microwave. It went like this: Perplexed by those who are able to leave unused seconds of cooking time on the microwave, unhaunted by inner whisper of: “Clear. CLEAR.” I had quite a giggle over it and […]


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More Tough Ethical Dilemmas

by jen on October 24, 2005

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