Sweet Heavens, It is 2014

by jen on January 26, 2014

And I am another year older! This year of aging has brought with it an exciting new internal monologue tic. Any time someone does anything I consider inappropriate (insults someone in front of other people, picks nose on bus, talks on phone on bus, cuts in line, etc.), in my mind I say, “Catalogue of […]


Nine Years

by jen on September 11, 2013

Whoa. Today is the ninth anniversary of when I started this blog. It is also the 12th anniversary of one of the most horrifying events in American recent history. And it is also the day I came home from a work happy hour and my microwave decided to just start microwaving itself  ON THE QUARTER […]

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My poor/fun attempt at feather nails inspired by Coral and Tusk! 1. It is really odd to me that every time I have done volunteer work, I have gotten stuck at some point partnering with a person who complains about what they are having to do. Is this your experience? Making PBJs for the homeless […]


If you somehow missed this when it first came out, enjoy! If you haven’t seen it in a while, it is STILL funny! I mentioned this on Twitter, so stop me if think you’ve heard this one before, but San Francisco has this BYOBag policy, where you have to bring your own bag or pay […]


Crab nets on the pier. There has been a shortage this year but this has not stopped me from having several lovely crab dishes and the season isn’t over yet! So, probably everyone else is deep into their 2013 resolutions and I have in fact been eating more fiber and I ran 5 miles (at […]


Whatup and Whatwhat, 2013!

by jen on January 3, 2013

2013! That is kind of scary, although I am thrilled that 2012 is over. Not that 2012 was that horrible happenings-wise. I just spent a lot of it in angst about what to do with the rest of my life. On the plus side, 2012 (I think) was the first year that I have ever […]


I only recently became a sports fan. I mean, I watched the Giants and 49ers growing up, and I never ignored the Giants entirely, but after Will Clark (still my favorite ever) and Steve Young were gone, we took a bit of a breather, sports and me. Unfortunately, for sports cred’s sake, I appear to […]

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Tuesday Tips #1

by jen on November 9, 2011

Tuesday tips: 1. Downton Abbey, first season available on Netflix streaming. Watched the entire thing in an afternoon (why am I not better at measuring out pleasure over time so it lasts longer?). 2. Water your orchids with ice cubes. You’ll never over water. 3. Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies.



by jen on April 7, 2010

Sometimes you just all of a sudden realize you might be OK again: Your apartment is clean. Your rent check is mailed. You watered some plants. You went to the gym (or in my case, pilates, and you started running again). And you went to visit your sister Penny in the rain-sodden city of San […]


Half Off, But I’d Pay Full Price

by jen on March 14, 2010

Thanks, everyone, for the language lessons advice as a do-over! So awesome! Spanish, I think, as I am contemplating a Thanksgiving trip to Spain, it makes sense for LA and whatnot. Plus, I love French, but somehow Spanish just so much more suits my tongue (maybe because I can roll an R but can’t manage […]