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My sister Penny: Drive is on instant play! Me: I don’t see it in my New Releases. Penny: It’s definitely on there. Check again. M:e Huh. I found it via search but not in New Releases. Penny: Netflix must not think it’s a film of interest to you. Me: … (Two minutes later) Me: OMG, [...]

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Dream Date

by jen on February 9, 2012

I haven’t watched The Bachelor in years, but so many people have been talking about this season, I started watching (only up to Episode 4, though; I’m catching up online). And people, I don’t remember being so completely horrified by the types of dates these women go on. Skiing down an SF hill in my swimsuit? [...]


I don’t know if you experience this as well, but hung art, eventually, goes off kilter. Every few months, you have to tip it to the left, right, up, down. No earthquake, no hurricane, just the earth moving, time passing. Life’s like that, I guess. I only started watching Friday Night Lights a month ago, [...]

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Drunk Girls

by jen on April 21, 2010

This title (track 2 on LCD Soundsystem’s new totallyfreakingawesome album) is perhaps a little too descriptive for my now-exhausted body’s feeling on how Coachella 2010 went, but it was an absolutely amazing weekend: 1. My email didn’t work! THANK YOU, 70,000 hipsters a day tweeting, texting and updating your Facebook statuses (statii?)! I couldn’t try [...]



by jen on December 2, 2008

1. Apparently shimmery green is the new shimmery blue. Or at least as far as the eye shadow on the characters on Gossip Girl are concerned. 2. Two! of my friends have told me now that the first time they saw Edward Cullen on screen they gasped. So jealous. Why have I not seen it [...]


My Mind Has Officially Imploded.

by jen on October 1, 2008

Martha Stewart and Ludacris. Although, what “official” do you think stamps the approval on your mind-implosion certificate? Perhaps the Treasury Department! That could be one of their new duties, along with purchasing distressed MBSs! Dude, I would totally support that.


Project Prude

by jen on September 25, 2008

Did anyone else watch Project Runway tonight and was equally appalled about how the judges kept talking about how Kenley’s pop outfit was revealing without being trashy? Since when is a fishnet top with a spangly bra underneath it and a miniskirt so short that if Kenley sat down we’d all be getting a hooha [...]


A Picture Is Worth Four Letters

by jen on August 24, 2008

pre-p.s. Thanks for the book recs! I will definitely check them out! Once it hits your lips, it’s so good! Oh, YES, I AM quoting Will Ferrell on this here blog. I have five stacks of my “public” DVDs on the top shelf of my TV armoire, the TV-on-DVD sets too large to fit and [...]


And that, my friends, is why I love Tim Gunn. Even though I’m still not totally sold on his show (although I will watch it again once it starts). Also, speaking of girl-friendly media, this weekend I read, in literally 2 hours, Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (I had wanted some good girly [...]


UPDATE: Stamens of Crocuses

by jen on June 12, 2007