Being a Lawyer Is So Fun!

Unclaimed So, while I gave notice and whatnot I am still lawyering away for a few weeks, and today the partner I work for had me researching escheat law. Now, if you, like me, were like, what the HELL is escheat law, let me tell you, it is AWESOME! Well, for people like me and [...]


But I Won’t Do That

by jen on August 19, 2012

The kindest way to describe the last five years (if years need someone to be kind to them; I’ll err on the side of cautiousness) is challenging. Pardon me if I get a little dramatic and maudlin on you, but I am just so tired, you see. It brings out the dramatic and maudlin in [...]


At 5’2″, I may not be able to reach 75% of my kitchen cabinets without the aid of a stepstool, but apparently I am one millisecondal step (ha!) ahead of the rest of the world! (Also, this is a great article). Yes! In other news, my mom learned the phrase “OMG.” She tried it out in [...]


Since December 5: Finally, January 31: The owl is a Mincing Mockingbird original. On the back it provides the caption, “Another Night, Another Bout of Sickening Yet Exhilerating [SIC] Butchery.” Bwahahaha. A present from E. for Christmas. I bought MM’s book at UniqueLA with some of his birds and sayings, and COULD NOT GET ENOUGH. [...]


A Lot Has Happened. But Not Enough.

by jen on May 18, 2008


The Final Frontier

by jen on January 27, 2008


Ramblin’ On, In Lieu of a Decent Post

by jen on January 7, 2008

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You’ve Been LAWYERED.

by jen on November 18, 2007

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Rockin’ My Way Back onto My Rocker

by jen on July 25, 2007

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by jen on July 18, 2007