Sweet Heavens, It is 2014

by jen on January 26, 2014

And I am another year older! This year of aging has brought with it an exciting new internal monologue tic. Any time someone does anything I consider inappropriate (insults someone in front of other people, picks nose on bus, talks on phone on bus, cuts in line, etc.), in my mind I say, “Catalogue of Things That Are Inappropriate, #762 (or 357 or 992 or 647, etc., but generally all entries seem to end in 2 0r 7, for some reason).”

On the one hand, I feel slightly concerned that (a) I am talking to myself in this manner, and (b) I have apparently developed a rigid sense of what is appropriate instead of gently accepting the spectrum of humanity for what it is. On the other, I cannot wait for in 20 years when I feel free to tell people in person that they have made my catalogue! (Maybe. Maybe that’s not as freeing as it sounds.)

2013 was a wonderful year in a lot of ways. I FINALLY have a job I enjoy. On Monday mornings I still wish it were the weekend, like most of us do, but I don’t mind that it’s not.

I also got full-stop back into reading again, and read 53 books!!!! My original New Year’s resolution was to read 40, but I hit that in October and realized a 1book/1week average was totally doable. So I did it! Never has completing a resolution been so pleasurable.

2013 had some dark spots — some breakups, some other dating disappointments, a failed dog adoption (he had so many anxiety issues I had to return him to his foster mom to find parents who were home all day) — but generally was an improvement over the last few years.

I loved doing last year’s “52” resolution so much I made a new one for this year — try out 52 new recipes. This means I spend more time on Pinterest than is probably healthy saving new recipes, but I am tracking the ones I have made on a board, so that’s fun (erm, I’m a little behind).

Other than that, my resolution list is populated with pretty much the same resolutions that have been on it every single adult year so far — exercise more, entertain more, etc.  Maybe this will be the year I stick with all of them? Maybe! Maybe not — this is why “try not to be hard on myself” is also on the list. I am nothing if not a planner.

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