Nine Years

by jen on September 11, 2013

Whoa. Today is the ninth anniversary of when I started this blog. It is also the 12th anniversary of one of the most horrifying events in American recent history.

And it is also the day I came home from a work happy hour and my microwave decided to just start microwaving itself  ON THE QUARTER HOUR for twenty seconds. After finally pressing a combination of auto-defrost and other buttons and finding no resistance, I decided to let it run and now it seems content to just beep at me every five minutes like the ghost of the TJs quesadilla I nuked 8 days ago is ready AGAIN, which is mildly less annoying, but who knows what might happen next?!!!

Which is my way of saying, my friends, that it’s still as exciting here 9 years ago as it was today.

p.s. I lied, my microwave just started microwaving itself again! I am giving it five more minutes and I am unplugging it with impunity!

Also p.s. I guess I am old enough to just go buy a NEW microwave (they are like $70 I think?) but I will probably not for a few weeks so I can milk this for a few good stories.

Also p.p.s. I hope this is not a sign of zombies/aliens (I am going to work that into said stories; just laying groundwork).

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