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by jen on March 19, 2013

Dip-Dyed Marshmallows

Dip-dyed marshmallows I made for my book club (book was Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth (enh))

I have a new job! It is absolutely awesome, pretty much 9-5, is really only lawyer-adjacent which means a lot of the things I did not particularly enjoy about being an attorney I no longer concern myself with (the BEST: I no longer live my working my life in six-minute increments!), the people are nice, etc.

My new job is at a financial institution, which means I have zero internet access (well, to the part of the internet I would actually like to use) during the day, and I haven’t quite got the hang of getting back on the computer when I get home; hence, the month’s silence.

When I found out I got my new job, I immediately treated myself to a few things I had been denying myself during my unemployment:

1. Showtime and HBO (got an awesome deal, at least for the first 12 months)(Hello, seasons 2 of Girls and Homeland!). Any series recommendations welcome! I am thinking Enlightened, and I am already a few episodes into Game of Thrones.

2. Some work clothes. Inevitable.

3. SodaStream accessories. My parents got me one for Christmas, but NOW I HAVE ALL THE STUFF. This has been a lifesaver for me. I have a really difficult time with water. I have figured the fiber thing out this year, FINALLY, at 36, thanks to these things called CERTAIN vegetables (I’ve got my eye on you, unfibrous green beans), lentils and my double-fiber toast/english muffin. But dude, Water. Is So. Boring. If you are a degree lower than icy, I am taking a nap in you, water. And probably not even a pleasant nap, but just a dreamless nap where I wake up and am vague on where I am, exactly, and dehydrated and in need of, well, more water. But! The Soda Stream! If you love a nice, crisp, carbonated beverage, SodaStream is for you! I have tripled my water consumption since getting one, AND, bonus, no recycling of your sad pile of La Croix/Perrier/Arrowhead bottles. AND extra bonus, way freaking cheaper!!

4. Books!! I bought Wolf Hall (amazing, but also 200 pages too long), Ready Player One (absolute blast to read!), The Night Circus (thoroughly enjoyed), and today when I get home I should also be receiving two Louise Penny books, the first two in her Inspector Gamache series, which I am really excited about.

5. And finally, this shower caddy. I wasn’t sure about spending $40 on a shower caddy, when they are usually about half that, but fortunately for Amazon, there was also THIS caddy available for $129 (I guess you could say it is the Caddie of Caddies? Harhar), which made my purchase seem practically miserly in comparison! Have you ever spent an hour perusing the reviews of shower caddies on Amazon? They are not amusing, like the Bic Pens for Her reviews, just confusing, conflicting, and immobilizing. How many different opinions can humans have on a SHOWER CADDY? An infinite number! Apparently! Which is why I have now instituted a new policy for myself on product reviews, which is just to read the top ranked ones and leave it at that.  I am happy I have my new shower caddy, but the hour I spent getting there is one I will not get back.

I have no idea why I think you might consider the contents of my post-employment spending spree of interest, but now you know: I live a glamorous, glamorous life, my friends. TV. Books. The (penultimate) shower caddy.

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