It’s Tuesday, But Probably By The Time You Read This It Will Be Wednesday, Or, It Could Be Another Day

by jen on January 23, 2013

My poor/fun attempt at feather nails inspired by Coral and Tusk!

1. It is really odd to me that every time I have done volunteer work, I have gotten stuck at some point partnering with a person who complains about what they are having to do. Is this your experience? Making PBJs for the homeless at Glide Memorial: the girl next to me was waxing whine-ic about the plastic bags they were using and how difficult they were to close THE ENTIRE FOUR HOURS! Lady Mary, do you think Glide’s top concern is that the corners on the sandwich bags tuck in easily?? Tonight, volunteering for SCRAP, cleaning fabric shelves: oh, my little OCD companion, I totally understand your frustration with the lighting, it’s true, HOW WILL WE TELL THE NAVIES FROM THE MIDNIGHTS???, but let’s just keep that under wraps and try to finish washing off these cubbies, eh?

I can bond by complaining; don’t get me wrong. Hm, actually, I mainly do this with my single girlfriends about dudes and I don’t actually think it is helpful/healthy, so I am trying to stop. But I think it is nutty that nearly every time I have volunteered someone has harshed on my vibe with complaining. This is like, THE ONE TIME, you shouldn’t complain. The whole point of volunteering is to GIVE of yourself. And I don’t think it’s so much to ask that in addition to (a) time, you give (b) a tolerance to inconvenience and imperfections, and (c) a sense of humor.

2. Related: One thing that is amazing and wonderful about sorting colored fabrics onto shelves with someone is getting to see how radically different your color sense is from another’s. My drab green was this girl’s grey, my certainly-that-is-grape was her navy. Really neat, and the leaf is the cause of the leaves.

3. Not related. I am working on compiling THE GREATEST “EARLY 2013 WORKOUT MIX OF SONGS PRIMARILY RELEASED IN 2012” KNOWN TO MAN. I have pulled some great songs from Design Sponge’s New Year’s Clean Slate cleaning mix, some from The Hairpin’s list of just best songs of 2012 (awesome not only for its selections, but even more so it’s method of selection), and some from my own collection, but can you help? I’m thinking fast tempo, upbeat/empowering, and fun. Ideas???

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