2012 Wrap-Up, the Last One of 2013, Except for those Other Wrap-Ups I Have Planned, AND a Bonus Round

by jen on January 10, 2013

Crab nets on the pier. There has been a shortage this year but this has not stopped me from having several lovely crab dishes and the season isn’t over yet!

So, probably everyone else is deep into their 2013 resolutions and I have in fact been eating more fiber and I ran 5 miles (at one time!) the other day. But I still haven’t done a 2012 wrap-up, and you’re crazy if you think I’m going to let a potential list opportunity pass me by, especially during the early days of my blogging Renaissance.

I don’t think I can do the full-on questionnaire that everyone does, although I really like reading them. Instead, I give you my Accomplishments of 2012 list, most of which were complete surprises to me.

1. I left the law firm life behind me. I still do some work for the partner I used to work for because he is a wonderful person and a friend and I am unemployed, but I no longer measure my life in 6 minute increments.

2. I came up with my first product design. I will be sharing more about this later, once there is something more developed to share, but I have never made a physical product before, so, super exciting.

3. Made one good new friend. My friend Jee — we hike nearly every weekend. She, like Laurie and I (and probably lots of you, too), is on a self-improvement voyage. So we share the things we learn, the silly things that happen to us, trade insight, usually while staring out at the Pacific Ocean. Pretty awesome!

4. Dated a lot! Seriously, a lot. Most of it was fun; some of it wasn’t. I tried out new types, revisited old. None of it took… YET.

5. Read 36 books, but you already knew that.

6. Cut my spending in half. This was probably the biggest surprise for me, that I could do this, did not die, and in fact was just fine, MORE than fine. I changed things up at my job this year, even before I quit, cutting my income by over 50%, so I had to make some adjustments. I mean, there was a lot of fat to cut. If you are a single and childless (yay me!) lawyer working at a law firm, don’t own a house but do own a 2000 Subaru, you pay for a lot of useless shiite. But it was so easy to stop doing so! I cut every service I didn’t need (web tv/music services I didn’t use, nearly unused gym membership, credit monitoring (it is FREE every 3 months by LAW, you nincompoop!)), I stopped taking cabs unless really late, restarted shopping at Trader Joe’s, stopped retail therapy, stopped thinking it was okay to spend $200 on a dinner for just a random Friday night, started making my own coffee, etc., and holy crap, all of a sudden I was fine.

Actually, this is probably the best lesson I have learned in a while, and that I’ve already shared with a couple friends worried about whether to take a salary cut for that dream(ier) job. Unless you’re already subsisting on the bare minimum, you will be really surprised how painless it is to take a significant cut.

7. Realized I’m a super social introvert. I have always thought of myself as a shy person, and I am definitely quiet in group settings at first. I like to get the lay of the land, and I generally find I would like to take a nap midway through any party in my honor/at my abode (probably I should stop confessing that to guests at said party, but whatevs! It’s my party and I’ll express my desire to nap if I want to!). However! I keep a full social calendar. Like, I would say that I do something socially with people 4-5 nights per week on average, plus stuff during the day on weekends often. I thought this is what most people do, but, I have learned this year, apparently not.

Bonus Round, Which Is Really Just a Question for You All: Do any of you do stuff that often? What is your average? Do I just have homebody friends? I am thinking I might want to slow down a bit this year, spend a little more time on the couch (I added 4 more books to my goal this year!) and a little less time exercising my wallet and liver, but it’s also one of my goals to strengthen my friendships this year. If you have a partner I would imagine it makes a big difference, although I’ve had some partners who like to be as social as me, and some who preferred the couch. Thoughts?

And p.s., thanks those of you who added me on GoodReads! I already got a couple good book recommendations after perusing your recent reads! And, if any of you blog or on Twitter, I can’t tell that from just you being my GR friend, so if you like, please add in comments or email me (jen @ sundayundies.com) so I can check them out, thanks!

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