Whatup and Whatwhat, 2013!

by jen on January 3, 2013

2013! That is kind of scary, although I am thrilled that 2012 is over. Not that 2012 was that horrible happenings-wise. I just spent a lot of it in angst about what to do with the rest of my life.

On the plus side, 2012 (I think) was the first year that I have ever made a measurable resolution and kept it! I read 36 books this year, whatwhat!

If you are on Goodreads and we’re not already pals, assuming our taste in books is at least a wee bit compatible, please add me. This year I would say I got 50% of my recommendations from my IRL friends, 50% from seeing my Goodreads friends raving about a book. And while I am kind of horrible about actually writing a review, I think I managed to get my hands on a good assortment of books this year, and you’d benefit from my crowdsourcing (please note: the Michael Crichton book was for a book club).

This year, I’m doing the Happiness Project resolution program, like Laurie, so I will have a kajillion measurable goals! But since January is all about energy, my current resolutions are actually kind of boring, like, drink 8 glasses of water, eat 18 grams of fiber every day, exercise, make my bed, etc.

And, confession: I think I am already cheating on my resolutions. I found this double-fiber bread at my Whole Foods and I can get 12 grams in with breakfast toast! That cannot be real fiber, right? Normal bread is like 2 grams? What elfin mischief goes into this double-fiber bread? But how the hell else is a person supposed to get these 25-ish(!) grams of fiber required every day? Sweet heavens! This double-fiber bread is my only hope of sticking with it.

My boring resolutions have already resulted in one exciting (to me) result: One is to tackle a nagging task each day, and my bedroom lamp had this stain, and in a fit of pique/inspiration, I spray dyed it (put RIT dye in a spray bottle and sprayed the bottom)! Super easy, and now no stain:

Here it is again, alit in all its grainy, iPhone camera glory.

So, my 2013 is not off to too bad a start. And happy new year to you! In addition to the basics like health and happiness, I wish for you the following:

1. That people will stop using the words “lippies” and “sunnies” forever and ever and ever.

2. That all of Neil Gaiman’s hopes for you will come true.

3. That all of your hopes for you, even those you’re not brave enough to write down, will come true.

4. A whatwhat. We all need a whatwhat in 2013! Lots of whatwhats! Whatwhats for all, and to all, a good night.

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