One Month of Unemployment: Observations

by jen on December 10, 2012

1. I did not, just because I left my stressful, sometimes demoralizing career, suddenly become perfect and exercise all the time, and become extremely productive. Surprise!! I think for the first two weeks, in fact, I did basically nothing. I watched seasons 1 and 2 of the excellent Upstairs, Downstairs; does that count?

2. Being totally unmoored in an area I’ve always been very moored (is that a word?), has made me open to trying all sorts of stuff. Like Bikram yoga (puke-a-rific!), regular yoga that sane people enjoy, and even doing daily little meditations. I also tried zumba, which reminded me a lot of that time I tried flamenco. Except that now, I am 35 and wise enough to know that I could pretend to enjoy something I am horrible at, or I could just never do zumba again! And be much happier! It is too bad that you cannot just decide that vacuuming is not your bag, am I right?

3. I am so glad people don’t use the word “wheelhouse” regularly any more. I am sad to report, however, that much like “baby fish mouth“, “lippies” is sweeping the nation. At least the nation of interwebs I peruse. “Sunnies” was bad enough. “Lippies”????

I have done some stuff, however. I went on a hike and saw this:

I hosted Thanksgiving and made turnip candle holders and napkin rings with all my family members as wizards, a la the Black family wallpaper in Harry Potter:

And now I am deep in Christmas preparations! Since I am unemployed, it is pretty much a moral imperative that I top my previous yearswrapping extravaganzas, and I cannot believe how much fun I am having.

I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving holidays and are enjoying an onslaught of Hannukah/Festivus/Kwanza/Christmas/Etc. cheer!

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