The Rescue of My Netflix Instant Queue

by jen on May 17, 2012

My sister Penny: Drive is on instant play!

Me: I don’t see it in my New Releases.

Penny: It’s definitely on there. Check again.

M:e Huh. I found it via search but not in New Releases.

Penny: Netflix must not think it’s a film of interest to you.

Me: …

(Two minutes later)

Me: OMG, so is The Rescue of Jessica McClure!!! Remember?! That movie about the baby that fell down a well in Texas?!!! I am so watching that tonight!!

And that, my friends, is why Netflix does not recommend Drive to me.

p.s. Have you heard the Drive soundtrack? Super awesome!

p.p.s. My siblings and I watched The Rescue of Jessica McClure SO MANY TIMES. I don’t know if you remember being captivated by the story of that little girl from Texas stuck in a well like we were on the news. At this point my memories of the actual experience of learning about her rescue and watching it on VHS are so intertwined I have no idea what is a memory/the movie. An additional attraction of the film was that, while not a top billed star, actor Whip Hubley‘s character played an important rescue role, and I wanted him to be my boyfriend REAL BAD. He also played the veterinarian boyfriend of (the first) Paige Thacher on Life Goes On, and since he loved animals AND rescued babies, he was, like, my little 12 year old heart’s desire. So was being a tall, willowy blond like Paige Thacher when I was 12, but I’ll always be a Becky. C’est la vie.

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