Half Off, But I’d Pay Full Price

by jen on March 14, 2010

Dad & Sister

Thanks, everyone, for the language lessons advice as a do-over! So awesome! Spanish, I think, as I am contemplating a Thanksgiving trip to Spain, it makes sense for LA and whatnot. Plus, I love French, but somehow Spanish just so much more suits my tongue (maybe because I can roll an R but can’t manage whatever the hell it is the French do with their Rs to save my life) (although French FOOD suits my tongue more than any other food; foie gras is my favorite food on earth; it is my Desert Island Food).

So I picked some CDs up at the library this weekend (I am cheap), as well as paid off an utterly ridiculous amount of late charges (apparently I am cheap but lazy(/overworked)), and I am looking forward to expanding my mind and Spanish vocabulary.

I actually managed to do a fair amount this weekend for having to work two days of it — pilates twice and The Green Zone with Laurie this afternoon (SO INTENSE and AWESOME! Took us right back to our days of seeing all the Bourne movies in the theater). Although I cannot for the life of me seem to figure out the website of the local theater we go to, so I may have paid for our tickets TWICE (we trade off; one person the food, the other the tickets). Oh well!

I also squeezed in a half-price dinner with Suganya at The Mercantile, courtesy of a email deal from BlackboardEats on Saturday (if you are in LA or NY, check it out).

But the most exciting thing I did was take the broken-off bejeweled half of a $2.99 ring I got at Forever 21 a while ago, and, with the magic of superglue, make it into a fridge magnet to hold up that tiny little (they made them that small at some point??) picture I have of my dad and my Aunt Diane you see above.

I still wear the other half of the ring, the de-bejeweled half, all the time. Doesn’t look like it’s half a ring, no?

The Other Half

Anyway, half-price, double-paying, free, late charges? I’m just going to figure it evened out in the end. And I’m happy. I’ll pay full price for that.

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Anonymous March 16, 2010 at 9:58 pm

I think it looks like a mini serving platter. If you could find a tiny
faux turkey leg and tiny faux mashed potatoes, you could glue them on
and have thanksgiving-on-a-finger.


Christine March 19, 2010 at 1:41 pm

I’m glad you’re happy, and I haven’t been here in a while so I will say it seems like you’re faring well post breakup (Sorry! yeesh, hooboy does it suck), carb loaded breakfast not withstanding. But I won’t apologize for Puffins, because they’s delicious. Especially the peanut butter variety. Num.

I’m also excited for your new Spanish skills. Super useful. I really should brush up since I haven’t spoken really since uh, high school. Also, Italian. I should try and find a conversational level course that I can sit in on. I tried with UPenn when I first moved to the area and they looked at me like I was crazy. I would probably have better luck if I just emailed some of the Italian faculty directly, me thinks.


Anonymous April 2, 2010 at 3:21 am

Maybe you can work on shifting your tongue away from the French fare, and particularly foie gras. If you have the tiniest level of concern or empathy for animals, foie gras is one of the worst, most harmful foods you could eat. Google it and educate yourself on websites that address animal rights. The birds spend their lives with tubes SHOVED down their throats, and they are then force fed via the tubes. If allowed to live and eat naturally, their livers wouldn’t get giant enough to satisfy those to eat foie gras. Some of the birds die because their livers explode. They can’t move normally because their bodies are so distorted, their organs get messed up, and they gain immense amounts of weight. It’s disgusting. And not worth eating their livers.


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