My Laundry Is Still Going; Thus, So Am I

by jen on March 19, 2009

I always thought the level of cleanliness of my apartment was a apt indicator of my mental health, and I sort of still do. But it’s been a pigsty for the last month until this weekend when my mom came and then this week I’ve had more time at home because the man I’ve been seeing was sick — let’s go ahead and give him an initial now, probably will jinx us but I’m tired and willing to take the chance, E. — means my apartment is spotless but I am GRUMPY.


Things I’ve been thinking about:

1. This dude (I assume) in my parking garage with the license plate MAKSTER. Unless it is his last name, that is so 1993 and can’t you relinquish your vanity license plate? Or is it an extra charge to do so? Also, I saw a bumper sticker that Laurie would have loved and probably also been speedy enough to take a photo of that read, “I Hate Vanity Plates” which is hilarious is a ironic/meta sort of way that I can’t put my finger on.

2. E. said to me the other night that people take always the easiest course. Which I’ve been trying to figure out whether I agree with. At first I called bullshit (hello? Gandhi? was that the easiest course?), but you know, whether the easiest course is actually “easy” depends on your value system. Something might be the “easiest” course even though incredibly difficult because you’re committed to an ideal and diverging from that would disturb your world view; it’s “easier” to plow headfirst toward saving the world. So while this might be useful in describing why people make bad decisions, it’s generally not a useful tool for understanding why people do what they do.

3. Ursula commented on maybe my next to last post asking me how I knew the undergarment preferences of my lovers, do I survey them? Which totally boggled my mind until I realized that she is married to someone whom, while he totally made an awesome choice in a wife, OBVIOUSLY, is probably not all that particular. About things. Maybe I am wrong, but her husband Mike is pretty laid back and I really can’t see him developing a detailed list of his preferences in panties. He’d probably just like them OFF, and sooner rather than later (so would you, if you had Urs to come home to). But I have never really dated anyone who wasn’t. Particular. Particular in terms of food, design aesthetic, music, anything, everything, you name it, down to undergarments. I’m not quite sure what it is I find irresistible about idiosyncratic demands — OK, I know exactly what it is, it’s my Capricorn overachiever/general people pleaser nature, like, I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT AND MASTER YOUR PREFERENCES AND THEN YOU WILL LOVE ME FOREVER BECAUSE NO ONE BUT ME CAN MEET YOUR BIZARRE DEMANDS BECAUSE I AM THAT! AWESOME!, but it hasn’t worked out that way to date. As in, I have mastered preferences but still we have not lasted. But you know, I get bored without the challenge, so I’ll just hope one of these times fate/timing will provide so that I meet the test, and they will, too.

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