So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

by jen on March 8, 2009

[UPDATE: It was NOT my detergent, blah. On the other hand, I showered over there, using his shampoo, soap, no hair product and was fine so at least it is not my innate personal scent, so there's THAT to be thankful for (ha, sigh). I've ruled out my lotion already so it looks like another trip to Kiehls' for fragrance free hair product and soap. Seriously, dude, I feel like I've been running a science experiment, eliminating variables and going back to the drawing board for like, weeks now. But I will prevail!]

I’m spending the day at home today, washing every item of clothing I own with new, fragrance-free detergent. The man I’m seeing is allergic to some scent on me, and given that I’ve already tried a new face wash, shampoo, soap, moisturizer and eliminated all perfumes, I hope to goodness this does it. I thought for sure it wasn’t my detergent since it’s all natural, but apparently even lavender can offend.

It’s been difficult, dealing with this allergic reaction I produce in him. You don’t want the person you spend the lion’s share of your time with to have to take an anti-histamine before they can hug you. I feel bad when he gets sneezy, he feels bad that he’s sneezy and BLEGH, everyone feels bad.

I think we’re all used to making minor, sometimes major adjustments when someone new enters our life. I certainly end up acquiring a new underwear collection every time I acquire a new boyfriend. Seriously, their tastes have been so divergent that truly I wonder how they managed to have liking ME in common. All thongs, all boy shorts, or, the most ridiculous I have ever dealt with, “anti-thong modern” which basically amounted to an intense dislike for thongs AND anything frilly and especially bows. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO PURCHASE A NON-THONG PAIR OF WOMEN’S UNDERWEAR WITHOUT BOWS ON IT??? It is the most fruitless quest you can ever set out on, like searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie (I know I have used that line before and that Pauly Shore doesn’t even make movies any more, but man, it still conveys my meaning so perfectly).

I guess as far as issues go, the scent allergy is a small one and I have faith it’s something we can resolve, unlike, you know, general assholery or inability to commit or constant picking at me until I’m not quite sure the confident person he fell in love with even went. And at least his underwear taste and mine coincide so I’m free to frill it up to my heart’s content.

Still, I really, really, really hope a new detergent works.

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Bev March 9, 2009 at 1:29 pm

Hello, I’m so glad you’re back! I love reading your blog. I don’t want to freak you out, but is it possible he’s allergic to cats?

I am on a quest to have all black bikini undies. A few lighter colors of course, just in case I need to wear light pants, but that’s not often.


Ursula March 9, 2009 at 10:46 pm

How do you find out about their underwear preferences? Do you survey them? Good luck with the detergent.


JulieJ March 10, 2009 at 2:45 pm

re: the itch

As someone who’s had my own problems in the past…a couple of culprits you may think about…are you still using fabric softener sheets?…those can be a big culprit.

also, is he showering at your house? did he get the itchies before he actually stayed over? I’m not sure if you live in an older bldg or home…but mold/metals in your water pipes or even if your water at your place is harder than what he’s used to can make the shower water itchy for different people. A new showerhead with a filtration system can fix this. (not as expensive as it sounds…like $40 or under at Home Depot) you can google or check some out on Amazon.


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