by jen on December 2, 2008

1. Apparently shimmery green is the new shimmery blue. Or at least as far as the eye shadow on the characters on Gossip Girl are concerned.

2. Two! of my friends have told me now that the first time they saw Edward Cullen on screen they gasped. So jealous. Why have I not seen it yet, WHY? We will hope this week provides a free evening.

3. I really need to implement a recycling plan more rigorous than moving all my Coke/Arrowhead Sparkling Water bottles to the top of my trash bags so the homeless people who come to pick them up every morning can dig through my trash more efficiently. Why doesn’t every building recycle yet?

4. I just really love to feed people. I had so much fun cooking for everyone on Thanksgiving, and sending everyone home with leftovers, and even though the 26-(he had a birthday)-year-old and I are no longer dating, I packaged up some leftovers for him as well, and when he texted me to tell my how much they’d brightened his mood I was so happy! I really wish I had this insane gift and passion for cheffery that inspired me to abandon the law and strike out in the kitchen. But really, I am not a chef, just a pretty good cook when I have time (like, NEVER). But I will try to remember how much pleasure it brings me to bring others gastronomical contentment and cook more. Maybe not for me, during the week, I know I’ll never do that, but little things I can bring into work or for my friends.

And you know? Maybe that will have the side effect of me cooking more for myself anyway because I’ll know I can bring the excess into work and not waste it.

Because I hate seeing the wilted sprigs, now dark, dark green, of thyme, rosemary, marjoram, whatever I brought home last week from Trader Joe’s to make something I saw on Orangette or Smitten Kitchen and that I never got around to because of work or life or whatever, now languishing in my crisper, soon to hit the trash. They’re unrecycleable. No hope for them.

But there’s still hope for me! Here’s to recylcing my dinner into someone else’s lunch this week!

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