No Accounting for Taste

by jen on November 23, 2008

Two quick notes:

1. I have FINALLY conquered my morning Starbucks habit, courtesy of a Bodom french press so small I don’t have to deal with leftovers. During the 10 minutes required to boil the water and wait for the coffee to steep, Fred & Ethel get some lap time and I catch up on what Brad & Angelina are up to the state of the world.

2. I have a bunch of Library of Congress (The First?) Depression-era national archives photos up in my apartment, and reading Poppytalk reminded me there were more to be had. I downloaded these three photos, printed them out and plopped them into a $10 Ikea frame, et voila!

Kitchen - New Library of Congress Prints
Hm, looks cuter IRL.

In other news, I have started dating again, and managed, on ONE first date, mind you, ONE, to do the following:

A. Walk into bistro on said blind date not realizing was still wearing iPod ear buds from walk over and in fact begin to say hello and introduce myself STILL WEARING THEM.

B. Develop a zit midway through date (SERIOUSLY, WHY, G-D, WHY?) and try to surreptitiously ascertain whether it had um, come to a head?, and then give up and flee to the bathroom only to discover that my “subtle” investigations of the contours of my face had actually resulted in creating a big splotchy red spot. AWESOME!

C. Try to open a “door” that was actually a wall.

It is amazing he still kissed me goodnight.

Also, on a related note, do you think you can date someone who is a HUGE fan of a band you find totally abhorrent, and not just in, like, yeah, ok, Sepultura isn’t really my bag way, but in a you find it’s an embarrassment that they continue to produce albums kind of way (Schmounting Schmows, no offense if you like them (although, WHY?))? To help you make your decision, keep in mind he is 6’5″, pretty darn cute and didn’t seem to mind that I developed a weird facial protuberance mid-date and tried to walk through a wall.

Lastly, I saw Le Switch (yay!) and O’Death this weekend at Spaceland, the latter in all their shirtless wonder:

Also, O So Shirtless

It made me very happy to be out and about:

Me & Sharon at Spaceland

And, now that I’ve posted some photos of a shirtless, sweaty band I like onto the interweb had some time to consider, I guess I really can’t judge someone just because I dismiss the lead singer of the band he for likes for dating two “Friends.” Maybe they’re (more than just) a little misunderstood.

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