First Day Jitters

by jen on September 3, 2008

Radiohead at the Bowl!

The last taste of summer, Radiohead at the Bowl. Which was AWESOME, except for these bro-ey types Arsenio-Hall-style whooh-whooh-ing to Karma Police. Frat boys heart Thom Yorke? Fascinating. My only theory is that they once got laid to Fake Plastic Trees and have been fans ever since.

I’m way too ready for fall already: some plaid, maybe a fire in my fireplace, no more A/C, tights instead of leggings, red instead of white, some nip back in the air. And maybe cookies. Yes, cookies. Why isn’t it cold yet?

January may hold the actual New Year, but I’ve never lost that sense of fall as the real beginning of the year. Fall is a new wardrobe, a possible new me (never actually happened, always returned as the same nerd as before, just even shorter than everyone else) — it’s a time to remake yourself and make the nervous reveal to the world.

Growing up in Redding and Sacramento it was always still hot when school started. So you’d have bought all these awesome new sweaters and pants (stirrup, probably, eek!) and couldn’t really wear them yet but, not wanting to wear that same double-tank top with matching double-sock combo you worked all that summer, you would anyway.

The first few weeks of school were a sweaty, sweaty affair for everyone.

Especially for me. I am a nervous sweater. Fortunately (?) my nervous sweat is usually confined to one armpit, so I don’t end up wiping my brow or upper lip or anything. Just making several trips to the bathroom to take care of my one, kind of soaking underarm.

Anyway. Once out of school, there is no longer a definite annual unveiling date. There is no First Day, no post-makeover reveal. There’s just today and the next day and the day after that. Less sweaty, certainly, but also less exciting, right?

Enh, I’m still excited for fall, the possibilities, something NEW. It may still be 85 degrees in LA, but I’m wearing tights to work today, darn it! Hope no one thinks I’m crazy!

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