Going to Bed at 10:30 on a Saturday Night? Caliente.

by jen on August 11, 2008

So Tired, Yet I Continue

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Variety? The spice of life, right?

So I decided to try to try something unprecedented for this Summer of 2008 and STAY IN. All weekend long. I do not want this summer to become known to me as the one where a wine glass was permanently glued to my hand (see above).

I know summer is nuts for everyone, but this one has been, well, insane. Not since I was 22 have I found myself out until 2 a.m. on a Tuesday night, jazz at the Green Door. Truly, lost amid a sea of perky T&A and kitson purchases (I love LA! really!), part of me was busy eating four desserts among three girls in defiance of the apparent unspoken weight limit of the crowd (also to meet the ridonk, unadvertised table minimum) and part of me was gawking openly, thinking, “WHAT THE HECK DO THESE PEOPLE DO? WHERE ARE THEIR MOTHERS?” Because my mother would sure as hell not let me out of the house with my gazongas on display like that, and also, WHY ARE THEIR FACES NOT ETCHED IN PAIN THINKING OF HOW HARD TOMORROW WILL BE? Don’t they really want to go to bed, too? Whimper, whimper. I am old.


This weekend I stayed in. I embroidered, read Breaking Dawn (oh yes, Penny, I did, but only because the seventh Harry Potter was out at my local B&N, keep reading), read the first 300 pages of the last Harry Potter kindly loaned to me by a coworker (see, Penny), and went to the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market at 8:00 a.m. this morning, where I bought these gorgeous glass earring for 5 clams.

Earrings from Rose Bowl

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Also went to work for a few hours today (blech), and generally just cleaned the crap out of my apartment so that finally I feel like a real, human adult again.

I am so happy!!!

I am such a nerd.

So much a nerd in fact, that Neeta was briefly scared of me Friday night when she tried to ask me a question when I was 18 pages away from the end of Breaking Dawn and I was like, “I CANNOT ANSWER YOU NOW! VAMPIRES’ FUTURES HANG IN THE BALANCE! THE MEASURING CUPS ARE IN THE THIRD DRAWER!”

Still, so happy. I forget how much pleasure I have on my own, amusing myself with whatnot and thingamajigs and eviscerating any trace that cats any humans live in my apartment.

I’m not done going out. A) It is still summer, and B) I am still single.

But I’m ready to transition myself into fall. A little cooler, temperature wise, but for me? Mas caliente.


p.s. In an attempt to save money, I’ve tried to make me and my veggie girlfriends some cheap meals before going out, one of which is spiced carrot and goat cheese sandwiches, recipes and pictures of which can be found here, AND I wanted to recommend the awesomest red pepper and almond dip ever, to go with salt and pepper Kettle Chips/the Trader Joe’s equivalent. THE BEST:

Both the sandwiches and the dip recipe are adapted from a Hip Cooks East class, which called for salt to taste, but I really think it doesn’t need any if you’re dipping salt and pepper chips, and also, I like it a little more almondy; don’t pour in the whole olive oil amount all at once because I thought it got too runny when I put in the full amount and had to put in more almonds — see what you like):

3 oz whole almonds, toasted
1 jar roasted red peppers (have ‘em at Trader Joe’s)
2 teaspoons red wine vinegar
1 large clove garlic
2 tablespoons olive oil

Very finely chop toasted almonds in a food processor. Add garlic and pulse a few times. Add roasted red peppers and pulse to a coarse puree. With machine running, drizzle in olive oil and process until thickened slightly.

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