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Three Things


1. I took my torts final today. EIGHT-HOUR take home. That's right. EIGHT HOURS of duty, negligence, cause in fact, proximate cause, defenses, and damages. I would say KILL ME NOW but I already feel dead... and yet strangely alive and free! NO MORE TORTS!!

2. I had this plan to create a 60 in 6 months list, inspired by UltraTart's 101 in 1001. Then I realized New Year's is just a few weeks away - I can't blow my wad when I've got the mother of all lists to look forward to!

3. So about a year and a half ago I briefly dated this chef who totally Lone Ranger'd me (you know, who was that masked man?). Never got a phone call telling me he didn't want to see me any more, just, poof, he's gone. I didn't mind so much - he scored a 118 on an web-based IQ test. Seriously. And told me about it like it might be an impressive score. Anyway, after being LR'd, I didn't hear from him for a while until he started sending me mass forwards once every few weeks. I was (I think) justifyably PO'd - he doesn't have the respect to call me and say thanks, but no thanks, but he'll junk up my e-mail box with meathead jokes? I e-mailed him asking him nicely to remove me from his address book, and the e-mails seemed to stop, and I was able to return to pretending I was never LR'd by some oily bohunk.

Then, tonight, I get another forward about someone's lost dog in Beverly Hills. So annoying. Fueled by a post-final Bud Light and a frustration with men in general, I decided to repeat my request:

Subject: Re: Find My Dog
From: annoyed@hotmail.com
To: loneranger@earthlink.net

Long Ranger:

Remember a year ago when I asked you to remove me from your address book? Apparently that hasn't happened - can you take care of that?

I received this lovely reply.

Subject: Re: Re: Find My Dog
From: loneranger@earthlink.net
To: annoyed@hotmail.com


No, I don't remember that so sorry I caused such a disrupuption [sic] in your life. Won't happen again. DELETED!!!!!!

I guess it's the response I should have expected considering whom I sent it to and considering my e-mail's tone was a little short, but still, I love the Donald Trump "You're deleted!!" response.

Moral of the story: Never, ever date someone who you know isn't right for you and who sends mass e-mails unless you want to be reminded of the debacle a year and a half later.

Why Did He Say That? Where Is He Going? What Is He Doing?


When did I become one of those people who asks co-viewers annoying questions about what's going on during a TV show or movie? How did this happen?

I had heard reports from my sister Penny that I am sometimes distracting to watch movies with because I clasp my hands to my face or gasp on occasion, but when did I graduate to cross-examination of my poor friends and family? This weekend, watching a TiVo'd Lost with Laurie, I held my own concurrent Q&A during the show; it was lovely.

I blame it on law school. My life is so devoid of intrigue and drama at the moment that I get too emotionally involved in anything I watch.

New Year's Resolution 1a. Get some drama and intrigue in my own damn life. New Year's Resolution 1b. If this doesn't work, get a muzzle.

Lawyers are Freaks...


...if law school is any indication. I tell you, I have never met a group of wackier individuals. Every last one of them.

p.s. Maybe that's why I like school so much?

Botox Gone Bad


Last night the major story on CBS 2 news was that in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, there were reports that Botox shots might have caused two cases of botulism. At first I thought to myself, as I usually do around 11:10 if I manage to catch the news, I love LA news. They really focus on the important issues - like upcoming "storms," which celebrity has been dumped recently and why, and how A-rated eateries are really health hazards. But wait, maybe my cynicsm is unwarranted. I mean, half this town makes its bread-and-butter on celebrities, and we all like to eat. And apparently, U.S. women spent $8 billion dollars on cosmetic surgery in 2003 - and I'm sure a high chunk of that money went to the coffers of LA's finest physicians, our plastic surgeons. So maybe the news isn't so irrelevant. I don't know - I'll wait and see what the top story is tomorrow night - maybe this is just a fluke.



I really shouldn't be writing anything here. I really should be reading about strict product liability or the insanity defense. I think that's the suckiest thing about making the transition from work to school — the ever-present opportunity to be doing more. It's not like work (or at least how work was for me), where you leave it behind and can enjoy your weekends, most of the time, in relative peace. No, you could and probably should always be doing something. So what am I doing? Avoidance. I think you have to avoid the reality of how totally behind and likely screwed you are for your own sanity. Thus, I spent 8 hours this Thanksgiving weekend adding my high school reunion photos and adding an About page. I know it just deepens the pain of the next few weeks until finals, but there you go.

Res Ipsa Loquitur


Lawyers love latin phrases, and my favorite so far is res ipsa loquitur, which means the act speaks for itself. It's used in negligence cases when the circumstances of the injury-producing event are such that in the absence of negligence, the event wouldn't ordinarily have occurred - for example, a spare tire doesn't usually come loose from under a tractor unless someone is negligent.

Now that I've explained this concept to my friend Laurie, we use it all the time whenever we'd like to claim that there's no other explanation for someone's behavior than the explanation we'd like to give.

For example, if a crush gives some hint of being interested, that's definitely res ipsa loquitur evidence that he's been pining away for you.

I've decided it's my goal — my duty, really — as a law student to explain legal concepts to all my friends poorly and get them to begin using them in everyday parlance.

Just Starting


I just started my site, so it doesn't have much meat to it yet.


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