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100 Things to Do Before I Die

My friend Laurie got me to make this list - she made one and it was totally inspirational. Items crossed out are items I already completed (not too many so far!).

1. Complete my law degree.

2. Go to South Africa and see a monkey and elephants in the wild.

3. Eat dinner at a Thomas Keller restaurant.

4. Live abroad for at least a year.

5. Throw an amazing surprise party for someone.

6. Be thrown an amazing surprise party.

8. Take my (own) family on a cross-country road trip.

9. Buy a home.

10. Go overboard on my children’s first Christmases.

11. Go to Paris and visit the haunts of ex-pat writers. Also make sure to eat paté, duck of any kind, and ridiculously fattening deserts.

12. Try Crest Whitestrips.

13. Fall in love.

14. Work for a non-profit for a summer.

15. Have a family.

16. Own something (but not just cosmetics) Chanel.

17. Design and decorate my own home.

18. Really learn to sew and really sew something.

19. Release the 8 tons of needless guilt I carry around with me.

20. Run a marathon.

21. Avoid debt.

22. Save enough for a retirement of travel and leisure.

23. Run my own business.

24. Re-learn French and Spanish and put them to the test through extensive travel.

25. Make volunteer work an integral part of my life.

26. Visit all 50 states.

27. Learn to weigh what I say against the three tests, "Is it true?" "Is it kind?" "Is it necessary?"

28. Learn to snowboard.

29. Be physically active.

30. Be a good role model for my children.

31. Stop worrying about my weight without gaining any.

32. Go to a dude ranch and rope a steer.

33. Go to Cuba and see if people do still drive old Buicks or if that’s American propaganda.

34. Save for something really big and experience the reward.

35. Learn not to overshare, but share the important things.

36. Re-learn the piano.

37. Give handmade (but cool) holiday presents most years.

38. Send thank you notes.

39. Go to the doctor regularly.

40. Go to the dentist regularly.

41. Grow my sticker collection.

42. Find something cooler than stickers to collect.

43. Learn about gardening – flowers and plants.

44. Learn about wine.

45. Learn to ballroom dance.

46. Design and publish my own website.

47. Win something super cool (I never win anything).

48. Learn the history and techniques of fashion.

49. Watch the AFI top 100 movies.

50. Write more letters.

51. Go to a super swank spa in the desert where you get treatments and hike in serenity.

52. Read enough books to fill a home library.

53. Have a home library.

54. Get a basic sense of world and U.S. history, and actually remember a few details.

55. Fly first class.

56. Keep track of and in touch with all my friends.

57. Get over -- ----.

58. Get really tan just once in my life.

59. Straighten my bottom teeth.

60. Go somewhere that I hadn’t thought about – e.g., Dubai, Zagreb – just because someone invites me.

61. Go to Brazil and try a caipirinha.

62. Go to Monaco.

63. Go to Tokyo and visit spots from Haruki Murakami and Banana Yoshimoto novels. Also eat Kobe beef.

64. Take a vacation with just my mother.

65. Eat right.

66. Learn if not to enjoy, at least to accept, the state of limbo.

67. Go to Vail or Telluride or Aspen and stay in a beautiful log-cabin-esque hotel.

68. Learn the art of keeping a secret.

69. Create a warmer relationship with -- ------.

70. Somehow thank my mother for everything she does for me.

71. Take six months off from work to travel.

72. Take risks.

73. Pay off all my law school debt.

74. Have a huge walk-in closet á la “Cribs” and the clothes to fill it.

75. Do the sweaty kind of yoga.

76. Drink enough water.

77. Take another vacation with my parents and siblings.

78. Have a super good idea for something to make and sell and actually follow through with it.

79. Make 6 figures.

80. Always remember what made me fall in love with my husband to start with.

81. Take a “Homes of the Stars” tour.

82. Go to Anthony Bourdain’s restaurant in NY, Les Halles.

83. Eat fries with crazy mayonnaise in Belgium.

84. Send holiday cards every year.

85. Avoid becoming more politically conservative as I age.

86. Learn to golf.

87. Treat my parents to something really special on their 50th anniversary.

88. See all Seven Wonders of the World.

89. Snorkle in the Great Barrier Reef (without harming it).

90. Follow my heart.

91. Learn to judge gently.

92. Wear an uber-glamorous dress to a black-tie event and look fabulous.

93. Camp out on a (warm) beach.

94. Host a tea.

95. See an opera.

96. Be a world expert on something.

97. Be a good mom.

98. Be a sexy 50 year-old.

99. Own a first edition something.

100. Take lots of pictures.

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